Lady Drags Man In Public For Sleeping With Her And Telling His Friends [Video]


A man has landed himself into serious trouble after he slept with a lady and went on to tell his friends about it.

It has become habitual for some guys to “Kiss and Tell” thereby disclosing every little detail of every affair they have with ladies/women. They like to brag about it to their friends to get praises and most times if the girl is a kind that plays hard to get.

In a video making rounds on Instagram, a lady is seen harassing a guy in public after they had a canal knowledge of themselves and the guy went on to tell his friends about it.

She was heard asking him if what he did made senses, why he slept with her and told his friends. Adding that it was his same friends who told her of what he did.

The lady who was now unashamed to announce their affair in public threatened to slap the guy with her slippers if he does not admit to his faults. Bystanders were seen laughing at the scene.

Watch the video below: