“I am the biggest” – Davido brags in his latest interview


Having maintained industry relevancy for about a decade, Davido opens up to Ndani TV about being the biggest artist in comparison to other artists, life trajectory and his relationship with Wizkid.

Nigerian superstar singer and label boss, Davido was spotted in an interview with Bolanle Olukanni on Ndani TV on the 11th of November 2020, during which he opened up about his exponential growth, leaving social media, getting by through the lockdown period, signing the first female artiste on his record label, his forthcoming album #ABetterTime album, marriage plans and his supposed rivalry with Wizkid.

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In reference to the premature end of his tour due to the pandemic, he expressed how the break from the fast life of being a star prompted his decision to take a break from social media. He said:

“I had to leave social media because I was going crazy from almost doing nothing. I have been on the go for 9 straight years, making music nonstop, shooting videos and traveling, so this break, made me rethink that I need a break from everything, shows, people, social media, everything. Doing that made me realize how stress-free it is from not posting everything. I was in Nigeria and was telling people I was in London.”

Davido opened up about losing his mom at 10 and how her demise rubbed off on him. In his words:

“I was very close to my mom and fully I’m a mummies boy, I didn’t even send my dad because he was so busy. My mom was the one coming to school and checking all my grades. When she died it was just crazy being with my dad, going to church, Bible study, 7days Aventis. One thing I miss about my mom is her not being able to see me becoming Davido.”

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The DMW boss opened up about what it felt like making his own money at a young age despite being a child of a wealthy father. He said:

“I lived a very carefree life with a consciousness that I have an inheritance if things ever went south”

Davido also expressed how the fame amazed from shooting Assurance video with Chioma affected their relationship a lot with several hate messages from unknown people which also extended to her parents as well. He also expressed how he isn’t pressured anymore to get married as soon as possible like he was before because they are going to get married to each other regardless.

In reference to his congratulatory message to Wizkid, Davido said he did it without having any intentions for a reply because Wizkid never responds.

When the statement of him being the ‘bigger bigger person’ by his reaching out to Wizkid, he said;

“But that’s the Nigerian way of thinking and that’s probably how Wiz is thinking too. ‘he’s just doing it to spite me’, I’m not spiting you bro”

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When Bolanle tried to clarify Davido’s statement, He stressed that,

“I’m bigger than everybody bro”

When asked if he thinks he’s the biggest artiste in Nigeria, he said;

“Yes I am… fact is there, it’s clear. … forget money, I’m the biggest, on paper it’s there.”

Watch the full interview below;


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