Following the indefinite suspension of the use of twitter in Nigeria by the federal government of Nigeria, many Nigerians have switched to the use to VPN in order to still have access to the social media platform.

Although the use of VPN has worked very well, many people are beginning to complain about the effect of these VPNs on battery power stating that it consumes a lot of battery power, which is true.

Others are quite scared of using this VPNs because they might be harassed by members of the Nigerian police force  if the application is found on their phones.

So to save you the stress of worrying about your battery while using VPN on twitter and the fear of being harassed by the police, we will be sharing with you how to access twitter directly without the use of VPN.

Without the wasting any much time lets get into it.

1. Open your Twitter App


2. Navigate to ‘Settings and privacy’


3. Tap on ‘Proxy’


3. Enable proxy

4. On the Proxy host section, type in:

5. On the proxy port section, type in: 8080

6. Restart your app and you’re good to go.