EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Seyi Talks About His Journey To Self Discovery And Forthcoming Projects


Nigerian artist, Joshua Oluwaseyi Ezekiel popularly known formerly as ‘YMF Cue‘ and now ‘Seyi‘ talks about himself, his journey to self discovery and his choice of name in an exclusive interview with Empirelords.

Seyi has been off the entertainment scene for a while after the release of ‘Cigarettes & alcohol‘ from his “Being & Time EP” in January of 2020.

According to Seyi his reason for being off the music scene was to be introspective and work on and develop himself, stressing that it wasn’t to shut the world away but to find himself and his true identity.

“Like I’ve been off the music scene for a while though not for anything just for myself, I just needed a little space to view life from the background, at least it gave me the ability to be introspective , to think deep on the kind of person I want to be. Like on the long run, what kind of character I want to play, what role do I want to play, do I want to be myself or do I want to just portray what everybody else wants to see. So I think I wanted to be myself. I’ve been away for a while so I just decided to just hide myself.

And hiding myself also doesn’t mean that I was trying to shut the world away but I wanted to understand my own world I’m not saying in any sense that I was hiding from people, I wasn’t hiding from people , I felt like I’ve been hiding from my true identity , so this is me showing myself in another sense.”

When asked if his being away had something to do with his reason for changing his name from YMF to Seyi, he said it was a part of his growth, cause being away has helped him discover himself and made him go back to his root. Adding that he wants to be as African and as Nigerian as possible. In his words;

“…for me it’s just about my growth, and I feel like I need to be real, I need to portray my own light, I should portray my own root, I wanted to be authentic with myself

When you say YMF, though it sounds cool as a nickname and stuff but right now am using my name, I had to go back and find out and discovered, I have two English names, what about my native name.

So I discovered my native name through time and like ok yeah, this is the name and I want to go with this and I want to bee real with my root, I want to be as African as possible, as Nigerian as possible and and my craft should be authentic with myself.

That’s basically it, so its an evolvement for me, I had to just evolve and I feel like this is just being real.”

Speaking on upcoming projects, Seyi disclosed that he has a record titled ‘Broken Speakers‘ which he will be dropping on the 1st of June and also a five (5) track EP titled ‘I Made This For You‘ which will be dropping later in the year.

Talking about Broken Speakers, Seyi said ;

“Broken speaker, Mehn it a lot, its a song that is melancholy vibes, its something I had to go into my feelings for to write this song because it is something that really resonates with me.

The song speaks a lot about the things that I have amplified and now all the sounds that I have brought out to the extent that the speaker couldn’t contain it any more so its broken.

I’m just speaking out my mind in this song. It’s just a beautiful melody. I’m really glad I can share something with the world this beautiful, seriously I’m really glad”

On the EP, Seyi is dedicating the project to all the people that has supported him coming this far. Adding that the project is a message of his experiences.

“The 5 track EP is a just a message, I’m just trying to portray a message of my experiences, things that I have felt in time past.

The things that have dealt me down, the scars I have been dealt with and the things that I’ve overcome and the things that I’m struggling to overcome; if its addiction, it life, its girls, its drugs, its women, all of them. Like its just a message. Each track has it’s own message I’m trying to push out”

Seyi also revealed he has started his own record label called DEN records.


Listen to the full interview below ;