“Come To Our Office To Discuss Your Options” – EFCC Replies Man Who Asks If He Can Do Yahoo Yahoo For A Living


A Nigerian man identified as @ismsynord on Twitter has come to seek business advice from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on the type of business to start.

The name who shared that he is in a state of confusion as he is stuck between starting a cyber crime (yahoo yahoo) business or engaging in a Ponzi scheme (MMM).

In search of an advice, he asked the EFCC for their recommendations on the best part to take, however, the commission have opted in to help him with options if he can visit them at any of their offices to further discuss on the issue.

He wrote;

“I am in a dilemma, Yahoo Yahoo or MMM; which one should I do please? thanks @officialefcc

In reply, EFCC said;

“Would you like to visit any of our offices so we can further discuss your options.”