Eva Alordiah – When You Broke My Heart (Spoken word Poem)


TITLE: When You Broke My Heart

GENRE: Spoken Word Poetry

POET: Eva Alordiah


Your heart may be broken, but now it is open for newness. Let it in.

When you are going through a terrible breakup, it may feel as though you could never survive the hurt. The pain might feel too much to bear at the moment. But remember that everyone comes to teach you a lesson. Especially in love. One day you’ll look back and see the gain in the pain.


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Read along :

When you broke my heart
I felt the familiar sting of the pain of loss
The nights became longer
and the days were worse
I missed the golden flares
of the sunrise in the mornings
As I sunk deeper and deeper into the couch hoping upon hope that you’d call me
But the phone never rang
And there were no texts waiting for me
I had to learn the hard way
that no message was also a message

Regret has embraced me like an old friend
Rocking me daily now as I get drunk on my salty tears
I spend my days on the edge of rage and it Is too risky
To be Skipping meals and seeking peace in the bottom of this bottle of whisky

I thought we’d had a happy year
There was so much left that we hadn’t shared
But when you said you weren’t happy here
It tore me apart to know I hadn’t shown you how much I truly cared

Now all I have are memories from the past year
Collected in jpegs
just taking up space in folders
That I’m afraid to delete because it would signify that we are really done
And I guess I’m delusional enough
to believe you’re still the one

I don’t want to get over You
I want to get under you
To taste the sweetness of your tongue
as you plunder me with your love and ride me like a horse into the sunset

I’m not sorry that I missed a step
and tripped and fell hard for you
I’m only sorry that I expected you to love me in a way that I hadn’t yet loved myself

But I know now that
God had a plan when he sent you to me
It wasn’t you who needed my love
It was me
So if the only way I could find
the treasure that was buried deep within
Was to force me open and help me feel
Then I guess it was okay that you broke my heart and set me free

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