How to Swap USDT for another Cryptocurrency on Binance


Previously we explained on how to Register a Binance account, Fund your wallets using P2P and move your assets between P2P and Spot Wallet. In case you missed it, you can find it here.

On this article I will show you how to buy Cryptocurrency with your USDT.

I’ll assume you already have USDT in your Spot Wallet. So lets get started

Follow these STEPS to buy other Cryptocurrencies.

1. Search for the currency you want to buy (I’ll use BNB for reference.)

2. Different BNB currency pairs will Pop up. Click the USDT Pair (BNB/USDT)

3. Click Buy (It’s on ‘Buy’ by default)

4. Make sure it shows ‘Market’ and input the amount of BNB you want to buy in USDT

5. Click Buy BNB and your order will be executed. Go back to Wallet to see your BNB balance

From your Spot Wallet you can view your profit or loss, exchange BNB for other cryptocurrency, receive BNB and also send out BNB to other Wallets.



CREDITS: DannyCrypt