All You Need To Know About ‘FORSAGE’



Forsage is a Smart Contract

Forsage is a decentralized networking platform built on smart contracts that connects people from all over the world and opens up the limitless possibilities of the new economic financial system.

That means the policy has been binded by coding and can’t be changed or altered.

Which simply means no one is in control of the money that flows in the system and there is no third party to issue of funds or hold funds.

All payments or bonus are automatically issued out to members of the platform via new signups or level upgrades.



Smart Contract in a much simple term is a system of networks that connects people around the globe to transact online freely. Its fast, easy and decentralized. NO INTERMEDIARY NEEDED.



Forsage as I said earlier is a smart contract platform built on Binance smart chain (BUSD).

It uses a stable crypto currency called BUSD as it means of transaction. Meaning u get Registered via BUSD which is a digital currency and make profits in BUSD.


Important Terminologies you should know

1. LEVELS: This is simply in form of stages, the next is higher than the previous one. So is your earnings as you upgrade to the next level.

2. SLOTS or POSITIONS: This is the number of times you can get your earnings on each circle on a particular level.



Forsage matrix is built or designed into two main sections which are the X3 and X4 program.

The X3 program :

Here Is The X3 Section

This department is generally centered on referral profits and it has 12 levels and 3 slots (positions) under each level

Once you open level 1 and earn, you open level 2 and and it goes on like that till level 12.

The amount (BUSD) you earn on a level is twice the amount you earn on the previous level.


The X4 program :

Here Is The X4 Section

This is the department where the system works for you whether you refer or not. This is the part where you enjoy spillovers and overflow (WITHOUT REFERRALS) It has 12 levels also but 6 slots (positions) on each level.

So on X3 u can get 3 times earning on each circle.

And on X4 you can get 6 times earning on each circle.

The circle is endless on each level when it comes to forsage. Meaning after one circle ends you can earn again and again on one particular level up to 100 times.



On Forsage you earn in 3 ways

1. Referrals: This is when you invite people to join forsage with your referral link and you get paid instantly for the level they register and buy accordingly

2. Spillovers: These are bonuses distributed to members of the team when there are lots of new recruit or new prospects joining the team, in order words a team which is not referring or bringing in new people cannot generate spillovers, that’s why you need an active team.

3. Overflows: These are bonuses you get when someone has earned a cycle on a level and refuse to upgrade to the next level, when this happens the person who refuses to upgrade misses his profit and it goes to the uplines above as overflow.


FORSAGE, in simple terms

You earn from being in a Good Community

You earn from Working

You market, you refer. You bring In people and as your network keeps increasing, you make so much money.


Now these are the profits that you earn on each level and also the amount of BUSD you will use to upgrade to that level

Level 1 bonus is 5 Busd
Level 2 bonus is 10 Busd
Level 3 bonus is 20 Busd
Level 4 bonus is 40 Busd
Level 5 bonus is 80 Busd
Level 6 bonus is 160 Busd
Level 7 bonus is 320 Busd
Level 8 bonus is 640 Busd
Level 9 bonus is 1280 Busd
Level 10 bonus is 2560 busd
Level 11 bonus is 6120 busd
Level 12 bonus is 12,240 busd

1 busd is 500 naira

Now for each level on the x3 section you earn the bonus 3 times while for each level on the x4 section you earn the bonus 6 times.

Meaning on level 1 on x3 you earn (5*3=15busd)

While on level 1 on x4 you earn (5*6=30busd) and so on

1million naira is certain… Let’s push

Registration is only 6,500 naira.

Am I paying to you?
Answer : NO

Answer: A BUSD merchant that would credit your wallet with the required amount of BUSD to register

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